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Change the Way You Control Your HVAC Units

We provide cutting-edge Wi-Fi technology, making your phone your thermostat

Innovation is what creates improved comfort, control and quality of life. At Air Science Solutions, we're leading the way in innovative HVAC technology. We've developed a WiFi Unit control that equips old-school HVAC systems for the modern world. Customers will be able to control their thermostat from their phone, computer or any Wi-Fi-connected device. Our precise temperature control technology is easily installed.

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Why should you choose Air Science Solutions?

We're producing high-tech products to change the way the industry thinks about temperature regulation. Currently, we:

  • Are owned and operated by a scientist with a background in environmental policy and legal studies
  • Hold the patents to our unique scientific work
  • Are manufacturing parts for the HVAC industry
  • Distribute our products to industry professionals
  • Are developing HVAC technology that enhances life

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Smarter homes require modern technology

Our Wi-Fi conversion technology is perfect for the modern household. Customers will love that they can:

  • Adjust their temperature more precisely from any location
  • Improve their energy efficiency and decrease their energy bills
  • Update their system remotely

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